We developed Visionbox control panel focused on user experience.

Visionbox dashboard shows fast links to the main functionality for creation, management and scheduling of contents.

The panel is accessible from any compatible browser and from any place connected to the internet, also on mobile.

Create and schedule

The innovative content creation system allows to load contents simply with drag’n’drop.
You can load, modify, organize and schedule images, texts, videos and entertainment.

  • Visionbox digital signage, calendar view and timeline view
  • Visionbox digital signage, calendar view and timeline view


Content you want, where you want, when you want.
VisionPanel allows to distribute contents across devices
The powerful integrated calendar allows you to make the programming and control, in case of articulated networks, where there might have been programming mistakes.


The template system allows the creation of one or more different layouts for your monitors, depending upon your requirements. After having understood your communication requirements Codemedia takes charge of the development to realize the system visuals without any quality or functional compromises.
Also the existing communication agency can plan the front end and give it back to us for encoding.

Real time update

Push inside.
VisionPanel uses a powerful system of publication of contents in real time, thanks to which it is possible to require a partial or total update of your monitor network, any time you wish it.
Furthermore you can know the state of internet access thanks to the complex system of automatic monitoring in real time.

File management

The advanced file manager integrated in VisionPanel control panel allows to load files in widespread formats, simply with a drag’n’drop. Afterwards you can modify them or organize them into folders for better consulting and managing them.

Users management

Visionbox integrates a sofisticated system of users management and of what they can do inside of the control panel.

High Security

Visionbox doesn’t fear hacks, it can be implemented in Enterprise environments at high security requirements.


Create backups of your system, you could use them as an archive, or to refresh all data sas they were at some point in the past.

What Visionbox Digital Signage can do for you?

Find out with a personalized demonstration session.

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Infos request

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